Our team strives to help minimize your pain and improve function to the Max!
Our team strives to help minimize your pain and improve function to the Max!

Fall Prevention

Our program of classes offers you a wide variety of options to learn how to increase relaxation and improve your health in group settings led by a member of our professional team.  

Fall Prevention
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What are your risks?

  • 30-40% adults fall once a year
  •  30% of these individuals will lose independence-will go to nursing home or will need family member to take care of them
  • This risk increases every decade after 65 years : 30% in women between 65-69 years, 50% at 85 years
  • Women 85 years and older are 8 times more likely to fall as compared to women who are in their 60s and 70s
  • Women are twice as likely to fall as men
  •  Caucasian women over 65y are twice as likely to fall that black women of same age

How Do you know wthat you are at risk?

  • You have been tripping often
  •  You think you need a cane or a walker but you are too embarrassed to use one
  •  You are avoiding going to the mall or grocery store
  •  You don't like to get up to walk
  •  You have arthritis, osteoporosis
  •  You are on medication to treat blood pressure, depression, or medication for pain relief : some of these medicines can make you DIZZY
  •  You cannot look at different isles in a grocery store because that makes you imbalanced

How Do I modify my falling risks?

  • Progressive weight training
  • Repetition of exercise Every day, 30 minutes ex-ercise
  • Visit Physical Therapist
  • End clutter in house
  • No sitting more than one hour
  • TV and exercise: good idea
  • Friends exercise together
  • Add Balance exercises
  • Leg exercises
  • Lose weight
  • Imagine walking, exercis-ing
  • No to smoking

How Does my body react to aging?

  • Arthritis makes your joints stiff
  • Muscles become weak
  • Sensation ,vision and hearing not as strong
  • Body unable to react quickly to environment
  • Speed of walking decreases
  • Multiple problems set in that make us weaker: Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart and lung problems
  • Hard to hold urine, cannot make it to bathroom on time
  • More active men likely to fall too
  • Dangerous over-activity :
    •  Pruning a tree on a ladder
    •  Changing a bulb
    •  Walking without cane



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