Our team strives to help minimize your pain and improve function to the Max!
Our team strives to help minimize your pain and improve function to the Max!

Telehealth in response to COVID-19

During these trying times, we are trying to keep all our patients safe, comfortable, happy and satisfied to the Max.

We are  seeing our patients with appointments and are maintaining social distance, and are currently scheduling  patients at both our clinic locations in Merrillville as well as in Schererville. 

Our staff is being extra cautious in disinfecting all equipment before and after all our patients. We are scheduling only on person at a time


We are writing to you with exciting news that will directly impact the way we can treat you and offer you care! We now have an online telehealth platform called doxy.me. This telehealth tool will allow you to access your provider and receive care in the event your aren’t able to access the clinic! We can use this telehealth tool in multiple ways to serve you.

We can use it as a screening tool, for follow up appointments, wellness check-ins, exercise progression, and even for initial evaluations and treatments! We believe this will bring significant value to you as an option to enhance your experience at Max Health Physical Therapy.

You will still receive the same impeccable quality of care but it will be from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. All that is needed on your part is to go to https://doxy.me/aradhanapt, and sign in with your name. From there, follow the prompts to set up your account. Once you set up your account, you are able to log into the “Patient Portal” and select your provider.

You will bealso be able to receive, request, approve, or modify appointments using https://app.webpt.com/patient/index/quickintake. You may enter your information, and your insurance information on this portal. 

 There are no extra fees to use this platform and the apps are free. You can use it on Mac, PC, and every type of tablet and smartphone. Optional line depending on software: [We want to assure you it is fully HIPAA-compliant, like all electronic medical records in hospitals, which means your health information, personal information and data is completely secure.

We are really happy to expand our reach as practitioners and to deliver more care to a wider scope. There are so many people who don’t live near a health center or are suffering too much to travel to one, or maybe too busy. This kind of care is for you!! If you are one of them, welcome to the next level of patient experience. We look forward to partnering with you in your healing and recovery. In health and gratitude, 


Please contact us at (219)805-6923 to schedule a Telehealth visit with one of our therapists.


We are happy and proud to serve our community members. 


This may be the best time to take care of your pain symptoms if you are stuck at home. Our therapists are well equiped to help your pain symptoms even when working remotely.



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Email: aradhana@maxptcare.com  or call us for immediate appointment with one of our highly qualified therapists. We will be happy to give a complementary 10 -15 minute appointment to discuss how our therapists could help you.




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